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Chiller Replacement

Tokyo, Japan

This is an OBO contract award for the construction of a US Energy Technology Demonstration project for the first installation of low friction magnetic levitation bearing "Turbocor" modular air-cooled chillers. This new technology reduces the life cycle costs and first cost savings which virtually eliminate motor friction and the requirement for replacing lubrication oils. The modular design reduces further power consumption by operation of only the number modules required to meet the cooling demand. Turbocor modular design is quiet to meet the stringent Tokyo noise laws.

Cosmopolitan design and prepared construction documents alongside the subcontractors. Specifications, calculations, reports, and site investigation was all provided as well. Construction services that occurred after the preparatory work included demolition, installation of new equipment, steel construction, roof construction, installation of mechanical systems, and roof patching. Use of large equipment was frequent in this project, such as a 100-ton crane.

The project was begun in October 2005 and finished in March 2007, exactly on schedule according to the initial contract statements.