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U.S. Embassy Warehouse Complex Project

Cairo, Egypt

The United States and Egypt established diplomatic relations in 1922 and have since maintained a strong mutual respect for each other. With the same goal of promoting ongoing peace in the Middle East, the United States and Egypt have been able to collaborate frequently on economic, political, and military affairs.

Cosmopolitan was responsible for the construction of a new warehouse complex facility of approximately 9200 square meters in Cairo, Egypt. This was a proposal initially released by the U.S. Department of State. The project requirements included the construction of a warehouse building, ground shops, offices, commissary/ beverage store, garage, disposal sales building and other support structures for the complex.

The project was initially begun in June of 1995 and was completed in July 1997, about six months before the allotted contract performance period expired. The new warehouse facility construction drew assistance from several different subcontractors in order to achieve completion. Team Cosmo and its selected subcontractors demonstrated efficiency and skill in managing construction projects overseas.