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U.S. Embassy Consulate General Compound Upgrade

Shanghai, China

The U.S. Embassy Consulate General Compound has acted as a crucial instrument in the continuation of American operations on Chinese soil for decades. Given Shanghai's strategic location, infrastructure, workforce, and economic stature, the U.S. Embassy Consulate General office has been a key stop for official personnel visiting within China's boundaries.

This project prompted Team Cosmo to renovate approximately 10,000 square feet of the Consulate General Compound. All buildings, including the Consulate Office Building, Warehouse, and two other Office Buildings went through a mechanical and electrical overhaul. Although the project working time span was a little over two years (June 1995 - August 1997), the Embassy was able to conduct full scale operations while the renovation took place. This was not a problem as all of the posts that Cosmopolitan had worked in were fully operational during construction.

During renovation, a new control access area was installed, requiring personnel the necessary clearance to enter. This assured construction quality and security throughout the entire project as it was carried out.

Modern-day Shanghai